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We Have A New Record!
See our Music page to listen to clips from our new album, "Merge" and buy our music online.

Stanislove & Alan Kausal are The RooTstersWho Are These Guys?
The RooTsters believe in live, acoustic music, because playback devices have too many buttons to fiddle with onstage — and because we blew our ears out on Rock, back when we were a lot younger and a lot less careful about a lot of things.
Here we bring you a diverse but strangely compatible and compelling mix of styles of very listenable, mostly unplugged music — too interesting to be ambience and too artful to be cliché. We mine the rich lode of America's acoustic-guitar and songwriting traditions, from Ragtime to Blues to Jazz to Swing to R&B to Rock while staying connected to the European, African, and Caribbean songs, tall tales, laments, broadsides, and hymns that set the foundations of American pop.
We are Alan Kausal and Stanislove, singer-songwriters in the blues-blues tradition who blend American acoustic- and pop guitar styles into intimate conversations, edgy rants, and suspiciously improbable tales. The result is our own special blend of acoustic music that pays respect to the famous American artists who influenced us and all the forgotten immigrants who came before.

Check our Gig Calender to see when we're playing somewhere close to you. If you want to know more, send us an e-mail. See you at the next gig!

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