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Introducing the guys:

Stanislove, Chief InstigatorStanislove (Vocals, Guitar, Bottleneck Slide, Mandolin)
is an acoustic-rootsy former folkie and songwriter who picked up the acoustic guitar at 16 and hasn't set it down yet. He's a German-born, "recent" Washington native (since 1985) who has done many different things for a living, from running nuclear power plants to cataloguing obscure books to designing Web sites; none made him happy. Music is what makes him happy, and music from people like Son House and Sarah Vaughn and Frank Zappa helps keep him sane. He really likes Dixieland and jug-band music, and founded two jug bands (Ten Years Late in CT and the Emerald City Jug Band in Seattle) to keep the tradition alive and have fun in the bargain. As an artist, he cheerfully steals from the likes of Woody Guthrie and Cisco Houston and Bob Dylan and Mose Allison and Delta blues singers like Muddy Waters and rockers like Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry, with ragtime, swing and ballad icons thrown in for good measure. Stan is a soulful singer and a gritty observer who can at once make a point and get you to laugh. His solo performance features acoustic blues, tongue-and-cheekily 'updated' traditional songs and biting political rants.
Stanislove started the Emerald City Jug Band in 2001, but as a singer-songwriter soon realized that his more lyrical, heartfelt compositions didn't fit into the jug-band idiom. (You just don't goof on certain subjects!) He and several of his ECJB co-conspirators then founded Teeth, Hair & eyeballs, which morphed into The RooTsters after our first album. Stan and Alan are folkies drenched by decades of pop music and pummeled by that inconvenient joy known as Life, who still think they have something to say. As The RooTsters, we combine decades of listening to and playing blues, jazz, rock, and world rhythms with a poet's eye on the world. And we do remember to have fun in the process!

Alan Kausal - click to send him an e-mailAlan Kausal (Vocals, Guitar)
has been a musician since 1972. As a singer-songwriter and patriarch of an accomplished musical family (including blues guitarist Justin Kausal-Hayes, his twin sister Anisa Kausal-Hayes, and younger brother Nabil Kausal-Hayes), he is well respected among Seattle's acoustic musicians. He was inspired by artists such as Djando Reinhardt, John Prine, James Taylor, and Crosby Stills & Nash; loyal fans compare him to the likes of Steve Goodman and Willie Nelson. With his characteristically jovial showmanship, Alan also brings to life covers from all over the musical map — from high-energy soulful swing to slow blues to favorite blues songs. His spontaneous wit and playful antics enable him to create an immediate rapport with his audience. While attending Drake University he formed the acoustic trio Wooden Nickel, which became a staple of the local music scene. Alan sometimes also records lead guitar behind several Seattle area song writers.

"Lonesome Steve" Mitchell (Vocals, Bass)
Steve is our resident Luddite, with no connection to cyberspace except through his girlfriend's email address (well, at least he does have a cell phone...), so you can't look him up on the them Interweb tubes. Suffice it to say he was born in Kansas City, spent some time in the Army and afterward even more on his Harley Davidson—where he acquired his nickname because of his refusal to offer his lady passengers more than a tiny pillion pad for a seat—and yet more on his guitar, because no one knows more Country and R&B songs but Steve. A while ago he decided he liked his stand-up bass even more. We think it was a good choice!

Jason Broman (Drums)
Jason's from upstate New York and used to be a mountain-rescue guide until he took on gravity -- and lost. Luckily, it happened at a climbing gym, where medical help was instantly available. Now he's into less dangerous things like being married and playing with old guys.

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