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It's finally here! After much blood, sweat and tears (no, really) we have "Merge," a world-class production of our newest songs. We went all out in the studio for this record, with the most knowledgeable producer and engineer we could afford, Jon Goff of Self-Adhesive Records in Georgetown, and some of the best studio hired guns we could find. The result is an ever-so-slight departure from our original, all-acoustic, guitars-only concept way back when we started this project almost five years ago, but the directions in which our departures took some of the songs turned out to be wonderful discoveries. "Land of Promise" was a semi-live precursor for the full-isolation recording we wound up using for "Merge," which we picked apart and arranged to a fare-thee-well. We sincerely hope you appreciate the work in all its aspects—especially the foot-moving part!

"Land Of Promise" is our EP (and demo), five songs we hope you'll each play more than once. Click below to go directly to CD Baby and buy either the complete EP or download MP3s of individual songs.

Old CDs featuring former RooTsters members:

Why is this man so excited?
Could it be he just heard our CD "Ten Left"? It does contain 10 great songs on some pretty interesting subjects from two strong and eclectic songwriters (and one cover of a delta blues tune), which are so good they can get any reasonable person all worked up.
(Full Disclosure: the guy in the picture is Jim Nason, Stanislove's fellow songwriter on "Ten Left.")

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